Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Entry Fee?

There is no fee, but we expect each walker to pledge to raise at least £100 for the Children’s Hospice.

How do we travel to and between Mountains?

Teams will normally beg, borrow, or scrounge a suitable Estate, 4X4, or people carrier/minibus to get them and their kit from peak to peak.   Bearing in mind the fascination of the challenge, plus the cause it is in aid of, there is always a business or individual who will succumb to a bit of persuasion!

On what date do we do the Challenge.  

There is no set date, it is for the team to decide what dates suit them best.  The shortest night is 21st June and so the weekends around this time are very busy both on the mountains and in the car parks. Most teams, last time we organised this, went in May, June or July setting off on the Friday or Saturday evening to climb Ben Nevis.

What is the best start time?

It is probably best to aim to be doing the later stages of coming down Ben Nevis as it is going dark.  (This means that the drive to the Lake District uses the hours of darkness.). It can still be light at well gone 11pm in June in Scotland, so pitch your start time accordingly.

How much time do I allow for the two drive times between the three mountains?

Almost all teams seem to start in Scotland, with the drive down to Scafell (Wasdale walking route up it from Wastwater) taking about 5.5 Hours, and the onward drive to Snowdon then taking typically 4 hours.

Do we need to have climbed all three as part of our training?

No, it need not be the actual Three Peaks, however, whilst you need to get fit you will also need lots of practice at walking up mountains.  We have never had teams who had a problem with navigating Snowdon or Ben Nevis, but Scafell in the dark can be tricky, so it is very useful if one of your team has walked this prior to the event – and made notes of how to follow the right route at 4am in the dark – remember your head-torches.

Please be particularly attentive to note which path you are walking as you approach the top of Scafell (and have a bearing to follow as you leave) because in the euphoria of getting to the top we have had a team who then left that mountain by a totally different route and found themselves in a village 8 miles and 5 hours walk away from where they left their van!

Are there food/water stations and checkpoints?

No, this is a team challenge based on team initiate and self-reliance. The charm and ruggedness of the mountains is ruined if you are part of an 800-person crocodile on a mass challenge snaking up the hill.

So, take your own food, water, map and compass.

When do we start training?

We would suggest that you use the winter to get fit with your normal or chosen cardio vascular sport (walking, cycling, running, football, gym, etc), then use the spring to get mountain fit by walking up lots of hills and mountains to get your endurance factor!

Can we take a dog with us, and what is the minimum age for children?

A well-behaved dog, assuming there is space in the vehicle, is not a problem on the mountains, but because of sheep will need to be on a lead.  Likewise, a teenager who has proved their fitness to the team and is accompanied by a parent, is welcome.  No lead necessary.